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April News Letter 2017

Neil and I have just celebrated our first anniversary at Metcalfe Pool Holiday Park. Thank you to everyone for the way you have welcomed and supported us. It's amazing just how quickly it has passed, particularly this Summer season. George has now joined us as a full time employee and we value his hard work to maintain all aspects of the park.
The lake continues to look beautiful and we were happy to be reasonably unaffected by the recent blue green algae alert.
A reminder that our newsletters are available on the Metcalfe Pool Holiday Park website.


A huge thank you to everyone who helped rescue our visitors when their boat sank recently. It highlighted how quickly things can go wrong when people are out on the water. The quick thinking of many of our residents, ensured that everyone was returned to shore safely. It also highlighted how truly special the community of Metcalfe Pool is. Once again, thank you.


  • A special thank you to Alex for installing cameras outside each of the bathrooms. This has been done to maintain the security and privacy of all residents.
  • Neil is continuing to install the fire hose reels required for the Fire Safety legislation.
  • The tank work at the top of the property has been completed, thus providing a more reliable water source for the park.
  • An arborist report has been completed and we are organising for the recommendations to be implemented.
  • Continuous air fresheners have been installed in each of the bathrooms. I have also placed mops and buckets in each for your convenience should you want.
  • The clothes lines behind the bottom laundry are presently being replaced.


Please ensure that bikes are stored carefully and not rested against fly overs because they can easily tear the fabric. Everyone knows how expensive they are to repair and replace!


There have been a number of walkways created between sites to enable easier access to facilities around the park. Some however are of concern and Neil and I will be assessing whether or not they should be used, during the close down period. We will clearly sign those that are able to be used.

A reminder that walking between sites is strictly not allowed. Please discourage any children if they attempt to do so.


For those of you who are new to the park, the Games room has an art and craft area set up for the children. The supplies in the overhead cupboards must only be accessed by parents and any activities need to have adult supervision. I hope to develop a sense of responsibility in the children so that they understand the need to care for everything and clean up after themselves. The book shelf has books for all ages that may be borrowed and returned when you have finished with them. The tall cupboards also have games that can be used.


  • If anyone has any junky wheelbarrows that they no longer use or need, I would gratefully take them off your hands. I intend to create flower gardens in them to add to the beautiful gardens we have here.


As detailed previously, we are accountable for the safety of everyone when you reside here and so need everyone to abide by the expectations stated below.

In accordance with the CFA regulations, the area between all sites must be kept clear. In the near future I will be sending out individual site letters detailing any cleaning up that is required by you. We are happy for you to rake leaves etc to the front of your site and we will remove the piles as we are able. If you should need rubbish removed, this can be organised for a small cost to cover tip fees.

Please ensure that you have a fire extinguisher and fire blanket on your site. Remember that the extinguisher needs to be within date at all times. It is also essential that every van, annexe and cabin have a fully functional and compliant smoke detector. All power boards need to have overload protection.

Remember that the Assembly point for any emergency is at the Kiosk. It is essential that you are familiar with the Metcalfe Pool Emergency and Evacuation procedures.


Please ensure that all visitors are required to sign in as they arrive so that we have accurate records of who is present in the park at any time. This is critical should an emergency evacuation be necessary.


Please ensure that all payment of fees online include your site details. Our account details are as noted below -
Neilann Pty Ltd
BSB 013 706
Account number 297621878
Unfortunately we are going to apply a late fee to fees that are paid in excess of 3 weeks from the due date. This is a result of many late payments. Your prompt payment is appreciated.


Thank you for supporting our helmet rule for bike riders. It is great to see all of the kids wearing them. This is for their safety and we appreciate your support. I have purchased some second hand helmets that can be borrowed and they are kept at the Kiosk. A reminder that children are not permitted to ride bikes when the lights are turned on at dusk. Even Neil is wearing his helmet to lead by example.



The gate will be closed from 9pm until 9am every day. If you leave the park when the gate is locked please ensure that it is closed again behind you every time.


Just a warning that some sites have reported mice at the park. It's quite common at this time of year everywhere. Best to keep everything sealed and closed. I have bought some baits if you need them.


GOOD FRIDAY - 14 April 2017

PANCAKE BREAKFAST - Come along and share in the fun from 10am onwards.

The Kiosk will be open for your convenience throughout the day until 7pm.

EASTER SUNDAY - 16 April 2017

We will be having a wonderful celebration on the lawns. The fun begins at 10.00am with an Easter egg hunt for the children. This will be followed by some old fashioned games :

  • The egg and spoon race
  • A three legged race
  • The wheelbarrow race
  • A sack race

It's a bit of a blast from the past but should be a lot of fun. We will have ipod music playing on the lawn throughout the afternoon for those who would like to sit around and picnic etc.

ANZAC DAY WEEKEND Friday 21 April - Tuesday 26 April

On Sunday 23 April we will be having a Great Race where the kids have to follow clues to find a number of items hidden around the park. The younger children may need adult help along the journey.

MOTHER'S DAY - 14 May 2017

A special Pancake breakfast with fruit and flowers - 10.00am onwards.


My daughter Laura has created a new Facebook page for Metcalfe Pool Holiday Park. Please feel free to share your photos and comments. Thank you to John for his fantastic Australia Day celebrations clip.

Hope you can share in the fun with us,
Ann-Louise and Neil

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